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O Soracha

O Soracha

Experience maker

I started my cycling since I was a kid and I’ve continued cycling till now. Nowadays, it’s not only an exercise but it’s a connection to a happiness. If I can manage a free day, I search and go travel by my beloved touring bike and folding bike. No matter challenging routes where exposing to any attractive rice fields, forests, mountains or beaches locations, I’d love to ride there. Besides solo cycling and joining with my gang, I also go cycling to join with other groups including the not-missed long haul trip of AUDAX. Tons of cycling trips have taught me lots of things. Till on day, I think I should share that cycling happiness to friends by journeying through many beautifully natural destinations in the southern part of Thailand, experiencing and learning new experiences from fun communities’ way of lives.

That’s the beginning of vinndaGO cycling tour…



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